When you take a trip to Southern California, try visiting Idyllwild, as well and the cities around. You’ll find many things to do. Fun stops, beautiful scenery, and whale watching experiences are all rolled into one here. This will be a great time for the whole family.

Dolphins, whales, and various beautiful sea creatures are found on Davey’s Locker whale watching tour. There is a tour boat that offers deck viewing, and it’s not crowded. Tours will leave on a daily basis in Idyllwild.

Hollywood Boulevard has various landmarks including the great Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Hollywood and Highland entertainment complex has various shops, eateries, and even the Kodak Theater. A large number of people like to visit the complex in expectation of seeing a Hollywood star. It’ll be crowded and filled with many tourists.

Sea World San Diego offers many rides with animal exhibits too. It’s good for everyone but especially families. Here you cannot find many thrill rides, but it’s still fun. There aren’t so many thrills, and the animal acts aren’t that unpredictable, but all in all- it’s fun.

There’re five different kinds of dolphins, so bring the entire family and your friends for an up-close and personal experience. It’s an exciting experience for the entire family when you go to the whale watching tour. Whale watching is absolutely an adventure that many families treasure for a long time. Make sure not to miss whale watching when visiting California.

A year round adventure that is educational and fun is the whale watching in Idyllwild. Dolphin and whale watching tours are 2 and 1/2 hours long, and they are there everyday. It’s a good way to get up near both whales and dolphins, and the boats are completely safe.

Right off the coast in Southern California you’ll find a huge dolphin pod or herd, and it’s some of the largest in the world. Thousands of common dolphins could be seen during any one of these tours. You can get right up close to the dolphins, thanks to Davey’s Locker dolphin watching tour. When you visit Idyllwild, take your family to see the tour.

Kick start your summer with Big Bear in Southern California. Water sports, boating, and also other outdoor activities are there. Big Bear is an affordable and fun family destination and offers a variety of activities during the spring and summer seasons. Big Bear is less than 2 hours away from the city of Idyllwild.

The Disneyland Resort is world-famous and has many various theme parks. Shops, restaurants, and hotels could all be found here. It’s family friendly, offering over 85 attractions that include Space Mountain. Disneyland should be visited when in Idyllwild at least once.

California’s famous beaches look idyllic on television, but not all are quite as portrayed. West Coast sunshine has been immortalized by the Beach Boys, however they weren’t quite telling it like it is. More often there’s actually overcast, especially at the beaches. The clouds might be deceptive, even when it’s overcast, because UV light goes right through them so apply sunscreen liberally.

Catalina Island is typically warm to hot and as such attract many tourists throughout the year. Most tourists are seen during the warm summers. During winter there is less visitors, and many don’t go during the week, however when there are low prices people will take that chance of the weather. All the hotels, shops, and even eateries stay open all year though.

A great destination is really the Farmers Market. Delicious food, many shops, and the casual venue is perfect for the wonderful Farmers Market. Any food you want could be found here. The exotic spices and cooking make the aroma intoxicating.

As a theme park and movie studio Universal Studies Hollywood can be enjoyed. Rides are based on the company’s film holdings, with newest attractions lauded as some of the most innovative and fun of any theme park. King Kong 3D is often the favorite on these tours. The weekday is your very best time to go on a tour.

Bring the kids, family and friends to get up close with 5 species of dolphins and whales. Whale Watching Orange County tours and Dana Point Whale Watching cruises from Newport Beach is incredibly exciting and educational. Whale watching is a don’t-miss when looking for things to do near Idyllwild.