Barracuda…White Seabass…Yellowtail!!! Reports are In

The Freelance and Thunderbird just called in their reports and both are on the fish.

Freelance stayed here along the coast for their 3/4 Day trip  and found the barracuda close to home once again. Last call they had 50-60 fish on the boat and are continuing to try for more. 3/4 Day trips leave the dock everyday at 7am.

Thunderbird finally got their first White Seabass and Yellowtail of the year. More fish were hooked that got the best of a few anglers. We will have their full report once they get back to the dock.  Don’t forget Thunderbird goes regardless of the number of reservations and has trips fishing Thursday through Sunday this week. Call the office to put in your reservation.

KIDS FISH FREE!!!!!! This weekend, June 4th & 5th, Friends of Rollo is paying for your kids to go fishing. With each Full Fare paid adult, Friends of Rollo will pay for two kids to come out on our regular open party 1/2 Day, 3/4 Day or twilight trips. Reservation are required for this special event.