Be sure to go to Santa Clarita when you visit California, but additionally the surrounding cities. You’ll find many things to do. There is great scenery, many fun stops, and awesome whale watching experiences all around. Bask in the sunshine and benefit from the fun.

Davey’s Locker whale watching tour can get you up close and personal with dolphins, whales, as well as other beautiful sea creatures. This tour boat is never crowded. Watching dolphin on this tour is not hard to do daily, and you’ll find whales too.

One of the most popular attractions is Farmers Market. Delicious food, many shops, and the casual venue is perfect for the wonderful Farmers Market. Any food you would like could be found here. The spices and cooking mix together to make an enticing aroma.

No matter what time of the year it is, it is usually fun to whale watch near Santa Clarita, California. It’s 2 1/2 hours of whale watching in addition to dolphin watching every day. It’s a wonderful means to get up near both whales and dolphins, and the boats are completely safe.

During the summer, the Hollywood Bowl, a gigantic outdoor music venue, is home to the celebrated Philharmonic orchestra. Here you can find many different musical acts. The Bowl is located on a hillside, allowing picnicking throughout the grounds and inside the venue. Do this picnicking experience prior to and during performances.

Catalina Island is a great place to experience a Mediterranean climate year-round. Island weather is at its warmest during summer, the most popular time for people to visit. Bad winter weather, particularly in the middle of the week, make it the least popular time to visit, even though lower prices can assist compensate for rain and heavy winds. The weather doesn’t influence their businesses since they are always open.

Five species of dolphins and whales can be seen. Whale watching tour is both educational and incredibly exciting. A whale watching experience will produce memories that many families can have for a very long time. Be sure not to miss whale watching when visiting California.

The Disneyland Resort plays the host to Disneyland theme park in Orange County. A number of shops, eateries, and hotels are found all around it. Space Mountain is one of the number of family-friendly rides, and there’s over 85 attractions at this theme park. If you do visit Santa Clarita, you really need to go to Disneyland.

In Hollywood, Universal Studios is both a movie studio and theme park. There are new attractions and fun theme parks, and the rides are based on their film holdings. King Kong 3D is one of the best experiences of the tour. Studios aren’t open on weekends, so go during the week.

California’s famous beaches look idyllic on television, but not all are quite as portrayed. It doesn’t have as much sunshine as the Beach Boys would have you expect. Newcomers to Southern California could be surprised to find it less sunny than advertised, particularly the beaches. Sunscreen should still be taken even for the overcast days.

Not a lot of people realize that some of the greatest dolphin herds in the world are located right off the coast of Southern California. Common dolphins are seen a great deal on these tours. Get up close and personal when you ride along on Davey’s Locker dolphin watching tours. Be certain to experience this tour and all the fun that comes with.

The San Diego Zoo is constantly improving, creating state-of-the-art animal areas, like the Polar Rim, Panda Canyon and Elephant Odyssey. The alert visitor won’t fail to note that it isn’t just a zoo, it’s also a botanical garden with over 6, 500 plant species. You’ll find garden guides at the entrance. Seasonally these special programs, that the zoo sponsors, will change.

Big Bear is a great place in California to start any of your summers. There’re all kinds of outdoor activities, such as water sports and boating. Big Bear is absolutely an affordable and fun family destination and provides a variety of activities during the spring and summer seasons. For visitors from Santa Clarita, Big Bear could be reached in less than 2 hours.

Whale watching is a fun thing to do near Santa Clarita and visitors enjoy not only the whales but dolphin and beautiful scenery that Los Angeles Whale Watch and Long Beach Whale Watch in Newport Beach viewings takes place on board our ships.