Check out Moreno Valley and the cities around when you visit Southern California. You’ll find many things to do. You can enjoy it all: fun stops along the way, whale watching and beautiful scenery. Your whole family can soak up the sunshine while having great fun.

A massive outdoor venue that is home to the Philharmonic orchestra during summer is really the Hollywood Bowl. Here you can find many different musical acts. It’s perfect for picnicking and even has bottles of wine. The family picnic is enjoyed by visitors both before, and during, performances.

Get up close and personal with dolphins and whales when you go on Davey’s Locker whale watching tour. The boat isn’t crowded and is perfect for deck viewing. The tours will leave daily.

A theme park and studio is really what Universal Studio Hollywood consists of. Rides are based on the film holdings, and it has many new attractions. King Kong 3D is a great experience on the tour. Studios are not open on weekends, so you’ll get to experience more during a weekday tour.

The beaches of California are famous, though those pictured on television don’t always appear like the real thing. The Beach Boys weren’t exactly telling the truth when they talked of West Coast sunshine. It can be surprising to find that Southern California sunshine does not always measure up to expectations, particularly for newcomers. Sunscreen should still be taken even for the overcast days.

Five species of dolphins and whales could be seen. The whale watching tour is both exciting and educational. Your family is sure to treasure their whale watching memories for several years to come. Do not miss the unique whale watching experience when visiting California.

A favorite destination is really the Farmer’s Market. The Farmers Market is a great venue which holds an impressive variety with different shops and great food. You could find many different foods at the Farmers Market. The aromas found here are intoxicating.

Santa Monica Pier is definitely one of the oldest in California. You’ll find it to be a great vantage point to see Santa Monica Bay. You could see everything from Malibu to Palos Verdes Peninsula, and even Catalina Island, on a clear day. Don’t worry about admission fees- there are not any.

The San Diego Zoo has always added more animal areas, and some of them include the Polar Rim and Panda Canyon. With over 6, 500 types of plants on display, discerning visitors soon realize the zoo is also a botanical garden. The guides to the gardens will probably be at the entrance. Special programs will change with the seasons.

Catalina Island is usually warm to hot and as such attract many tourists throughout the year. A popular time to go to is summer due to the warm weather. Winter has less visitors, but this also makes the trip less expensive. The shops, eateries, and the hotels will stay open all year.

Whale watching is great in Moreno Valley all year round. Whale and dolphin watching is great from a tour boat. It’s a great way to get up close to both whales and dolphins, and the boats are completely safe.

The Disneyland theme park and Disneyland Resort is located in Orange County. It has plenty of little and unique shops, restaurants, and many hotels. Eighty-five different attractions can be found such as Space Mountain. You need to go at least once in your lifetime.

What most do not realize is that the largest dolphin pods in the majority of of the world is located off the coast of Southern California. Common dolphins are seen a great deal on these tours. Davey’s Locker dolphin watching tour is a good way for you to get close and personal with dolphins. Do not miss this tour on your trip to Moreno Valley.

A great place to start the summer is at Big Bear in Southern California. Outdoor activities are always available when you go to Big Bear. It’s affordable and has many different things to do during summer and spring. Moreno Valley is just two hours from Big Bear.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is featured on Hollywood Boulevard and also other famous landmarks. Kodak Theater, restaurants and many shops are located in the Hollywood and Highland entertainment complex. Hollywood celebrities go here, so many people go in hopes to meet one. The streets are typically crowded and there’re many tourists.

Bring the kids, friends and family to get up close with 5 species of whales and dolphins. Orange County Whale Watching excursion and Whale Watching Dana Point from Newport Beach is incredibly exciting and educational. Whale watching is a don’t-miss when looking for things to do near Moreno Valley.