There’re so many things you could do in Southern California. Outdoor recreation that includes Six Flags could be found all around the area. There’s always something fun to do in Lake Forest and nearby cities: here are just a few. This wonderful experience will always remain with you.

Here, right off the coast of Southern California, there’s some of the largest dolphin herds in the world. Thousands of common dolphins could be seen during any one of these tours. This is a great way to get up near dolphins. You really have to experience this tour when you visit Lake Forest.

California beaches might be famous but they are not like what you see on tv. West Coast sunshine wasn’t quite the truth. First-time visitors could be surprised to find that Southern California isn’t quite as sunny as anticipated, particularly at the beaches. You will still need to pack sunscreen for your trip.

The world-famous Disneyland Resort, in Orange County, features the Disneyland theme park. It’s filled to the brim with shops, eateries, and hotels. There’re more than 85 attractions altogether at the family-friendly theme park, including Space Mountain, Bobsleds and Matterhorn. Go to Disneyland at least once.

Gather your kids, family and friends; allow them to get really up-close and personal with five species of dolphins and whales. It’s both educational and really fun. A whale watching tour will provide your family with memories to treasure for many years to come. It’s a do not miss and fun experience when visiting California.

Mediterranean climates could be found at Catalina Island. During the summer is certainly the best time to visit because of the warmest weather. Crowds dip during the winter, especially at midweek, because of high winds and rain though reduced prices could more than compensate for a little wet weather. However, the hotels, restaurants, and shops are open all year.

Davey’s Locker whale watching tour will get you closer to dolphins, whales and other marvelous sea creatures. The boat is never crowded and is also perfect for deck viewing. Each tour sails near Lake Forest on a daily basis.

As a studio and theme park, you need to visit Universal Studios Hollywood. Rides are based on the company’s film holdings, with newest attractions lauded as some of the most creative and fun of any theme park. The light of the tour is really the King Kong 3D. Go during the week to see all the hustle and bustle.

Hollywood Boulevard includes famous landmarks similar to Hollywood Walk of Fame. Kodak Theater, eateries and many shops are located in the Hollywood and Highland entertainment complex. Most people only go with the hope that they’ll run into a celebrity. It’ll be crowded and filled with many tourists.

Farmers Market makes a great destination. This casual, outdoor location offers visitors an amazing collection of fun little stores and sumptuous food; that’s what’s so great about Farmers Market. You could find many different foods at the Farmers Market. The aromas that are found here are intoxicating, between the pastries, flowers, exotic spices, and fresh bread.

The Hollywood Bowl is a substantial outdoor music venue, and it’s the summer home for the Philharmonic orchestra. You could locate a variety of musical acts there. The Bowl is great for picnicking along the hillside, including bottles of wine. Enjoy the picnic during and right before any performance.

Whale watching is great in Lake Forest all year round. You can enjoy watching the whales and dolphins for two and a half hours when you are taking the tour boats. You do not need to be concerned about safety on the boats as you get a close look at the dolphins and whales.

The San Diego Zoo is often expanding, and it includes Polar Rim, Panda Canyon, and even the Elephant Odyssey. If you’re an observant visitor, it’ll pop out to you that the zoo also serves as a botanical garden. For all the plant-lovers, there are special garden guides at the entrance. The zoo has many programs, however they change seasonally.

Sea World San Diego is a medium-sized park full of things like rides, animals, exhibits and shows. Sea World San Diego has an appeal to everyone but mostly families. But you should be aware that it’s not the very best place for thrill rides. Even when the animal acts certainly are a little predictable, you’ll always have fun.

Bring the kids, family and friends to get up close with 5 species of dolphins and whales. Whale Watching tour Orange County and Whale Watch cruise Dana Point from Newport Beach is incredibly exciting and educational. Whale watching is a don’t-miss when looking for things to do near Lake Forest.