If you ever come to Southern California, you have to visit Chino Hills and its surroundings. They present a bonanza of fun things to do. You can enjoy it all: fun stops along the way, whale watching and beautiful scenery. Your entire family can have a great time in the sunshine.

Disneyland Resort is host to Disneyland theme park and it’s all in Orange County. It’s filled to the brim with shops, restaurants, and hotels. This place, when combined, offers over 85 attractions. If you ever find your way to Chino Hills, you need to visit Disneyland.

The San Diego Zoo is getting better all the time: now they even have state-of-the art animal areas, including Polar Rim, Panda Canyon and Elephant Odyssey. The zoo is also a botanical garden, and it’s great for just about any plant lover. For all the plant-lovers, there’re special garden guides at the entrance. Changing seasonally is certainly the zoo sponsored special programs.

A massive outdoor venue that’s home to the Philharmonic orchestra during summer is the Hollywood Bowl. Music acts are found in a wide variety here. It’s perfect for picnicking and even has bottles of wine. During and prior to a performance the entire family could enjoy a delightful picnic.

Concerning piers in California, the Santa Monica Pier is one of the oldest. You’ll find it to be a great vantage point to see Santa Monica Bay. The entire coast of Malibu to Palos Verdes is for you to see; on a clear day, you can also see Catalina Island. It’s free to enter the pier.

In Hollywood, Universal Studios is both a movie studio and theme park. The company’s extensive film holdings offer many rides, with innovative and fun attractions. King Kong 3D is a great experience on the tour for anyone. Go on a weekday for the very best experience.

Catalina Island is typically warm to hot and as such attract many tourists throughout the year. Most tourists are seen during the warm summers. When it’s cold, few visitors are seen, especially if rain and heavy winds are expected, however, you could take advantage of cheap prices during this period. The hotels, shops, and restaurants are open all year.

A great place to start the summer is at Big Bear in Southern California. Boating and also other water sports can be enjoyed. Big Bear is quite affordable, and it provides many activities in the spring and summer. Big Bear is only two hours from Chino Hills.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is featured on Hollywood Boulevard and other famous landmarks. Kodak Theater, restaurants and many shops are located in the Hollywood and Highland entertainment complex. A lot of people will visit just hoping they’ll run into a celebrity. Crowded streets and tourists are definitely the norm.

Five species of dolphins and whales could be seen. Your whale watching tour adventure will likely be an incredibly thrilling and enlightening experience for the whole family. Your family will treasure their whale watching memories for many years to come. It ought to not be missed when you go on a trip to California.

Dolphins, whales and wondrous sea creatures are yours to see up close and personal on Davey’s Locker whale watching tour. There’s always a great deck view available on a whale watching ship. These tours will leave near Chino Hills daily.

There’s fun to be had year-round on a whale watching adventure from Chino Hills, California. It includes two and a half hours of whale/dolphin watching every day, aboard fully-equipped tour boats. You do not need to be concerned about safety on the boats as you get a close look at the dolphins and whales.

Sea World located in San Diego, California is a medium-sized theme park, that is easy to walk across, with rides, animal exhibits and shows. It’s perfect for everyone but especially families. Thrill rides will not be found here. The thrills are not many, but it’s still a great vacation destination.

Famous for its beaches California doesn’t have those you see exactly as on television. The Beach Boys were somewhat misleading in their songs about California sunshine. People visiting Southern California for the very first time sometimes find the sunshine is missing, even at the seashore. Sunscreen should still be taken even for the overcast days.

Whale watch tours are fun things to do near Chino Hills and its visitors enjoy not just whales but dolphins and the inspiring scenery that Long Beach Whale Watching Tours and Whale Watching Orange County in Newport Beach sightings takes place on board our cruises.