Davey’s Locker Skiff Rentals offers skiff rentals for Los Angeles and Orange County area fishermen and sightseeing in Newport Harbor. For harbor fishing from Los Angeles to Redondo to Long Beach in Newport Beach, Davey’s Locker fishing skiffs are the first choice in bay fishing.

For additional information visit www.pavilionskiff.com or call: 949-200-8602


You’re the captain!

Spotted bay bass, sand bass, halibut, and many other species are caught year around. Skiffs are operated by you and allow you to explore the entire harbor discovering those secret fishing spots. Unlike Long Beach and Redondo Harbor, Newport Harbor enjoys relatively little fishing pressure, which provides for a healthy population of several species of fish. Skiff rentals are for either a ½ day or a full day and reservations are highly recommended. Davey’s Locker may also go by the name Daveys Jones Locker, Daveys Jones, Davy Jones Locker, Davy Jone’s Locker, and Davey Jones Locker.

All rentals include frozen bait. Live bait may be purchased from the bait barge. Live bait subject to availability. Reservations required for weekends & holidays.

Rules and requirements for rentals:

  • Valid Driver’s License required
  • Skiffs must remain in the harbor
  • Reservations required for weekend rentals
  • All boats have a 650lb weight limit


Boat Half-Day All Day
DLX-14 (3-4 adults) $105 $135

Boat: DLX-14 (3-4 Adults)

Half-Day: $105
All Day: $135