A number of events and activities could be found in Southern California. You can even go whale watching. There are all types of options, from local wining and dining to outdoor recreation. Here is a fun list of things to do in Crest Park and the surrounding cities. This will probably be the experience of a lifetime.

One of the oldest piers in California is when you go to the Santa Monica pier. You’ll find it to be a great vantage point to see Santa Monica Bay. On high visibility days, you could see Catalina Island, as well as the coast extending from Malibu to the Palos Verdes Peninsula. The visit is completely free.

Whale watching is a great year-round adventure when you go to Crest Park. Whale and dolphin watching is excellent from a tour boat. It’s a great way to get up close to both whales and dolphins, and the boats are completely safe.

Universal Studios is also a theme park and not just a movie studio. The park features rides with themes based on Universal’s huge film holdings, and the most recent additions have been praised as some of the park’s most unique and enjoyable. King Kong 3D is a great experience on the tour. Hustle and bustle might be found on weekdays, not weekends.

Big Bear, in Southern California, is a fantastic place to kick off your summer vacation. Water sports and boating are only some of the outdoor activities that you can enjoy here. With an array of fun things to do during the spring and summer seasons, families could find an affordable destination at Big Bear. Big Bear lies no more than 2 hours away from L. A.

When you ride along on Davey’s Locker whale watching tour, you’ll get up close and personal to dolphins and whales, and you’ll see other beautiful sea creatures. Whale watching ship, equipped with deck viewing, is rarely crowded. Watching dolphin on this tour is not hard to do daily, and you’ll find whales too.

It’s a favorite destination among tourists. The Farmers market is a great venue that is host to great food and little shops. In fact, you can locate just about any type of international cuisine imaginable. The exotic spices and cooking make the aroma intoxicating.

Catalina Island is host to a Mediterranean climate and has visits all year. Most tourists are seen during the warm summers. Winter doesn’t have many visitors because of heavy rain and winds. However, the hotels, restaurants, and shops are open all year.

Sea World San Diego has great exhibits and shows, it’s a medium-sized park, and it’s easy to walk with. Families always seem to benefit from the trip here. But you should be aware that it’s not the best place for thrill rides. There might not be as many thrills as one would expect, but it’s certainly a great fun.

The San Diego zoo has an array of animal areas, such as the Polar rim. The zoo also is a botanical garden that holds over 6, 500 plant species. You’ll find garden guides at the entrance. Special programs will change with the seasons.

Family and friends could enjoy five species of dolphins and whales while getting up close. The whale watching tour is educational for the whole family, in addition to exciting. Your family is sure to treasure their whale watching memories for years to come. Be certain never to miss whale watching on your trip to California.

California beaches could possibly be famous but they are not like what you see on tv. The Beach Boys weren’t exactly telling the truth when they talked of West Coast sunshine. Southern California and it’s beaches are not as sunny as you expect. It’s necessary to use lots of sunscreen, since the clouds do not alleviate UV light, even when the sky is overcast.

There are famed landmarks, just like the Walk of Fame in Hollywood at the Hollywood Boulevard. The Hollywood and Highland entertainment complex may have a number of shops, eateries, and even the Kodak Theater. A lot of people hope to meet a celebrity when they go there. Tourists will probably be everywhere.

The Hollywood Bowl is really the summer home of the famous Philharmonic orchestra. Different musical acts can be found right there. It’s great for picnicking and even has bottles of wine. You can enjoy a family picnic before and during a performance.

Bring the children, family and friends to get up close with five species of dolphins and whales. Orange County Whale Watching and Dana Point Whale Watching cruises from Newport Beach is both educational and incredibly exciting and close to Crest Park. Your family is sure to treasure their whale watching memories for many years to come. Whale watch is a don’t-miss when in California.